Introducing H2H Enrollments
August 27, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Healthy, engaged employees are more productive employees, bringing a clear return on investment to your company and increasing your bottom line. However, managing all the moving parts involved in human capital management can be difficult and time consuming. That’s where we come in.

H2H Enrollments is a full-service human capital management solution offering personalized expertise in more than 20 HR practice areas. We simplify benefits, payroll, human resources, and compliance so you can focus on your most valuable asset: your employees. We are a one-stop shop for our clients, offering a fully customized approach so you get a solution that’s just what your business needs.


Our flexible and comprehensive human capital management services make your company’s benefits enrollment and communication more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.

Full-service platform

Our human capital management platform provides innovative solutions for your business. It seamlessly integrates our cutting-edge technology with your existing systems, while offering the personalized, concierge-style service you deserve. By using tools that provide real-time information about your benefits portfolio performance, our analysts can create solutions built just for you to help you save money.


Healthy employees are more productive – 25% more, in fact. Our benefits solutions focus on your employees’ health and wellness while providing you a long-term strategy that grows your bottom line and guarantees ROI. We offer health, vision, dental, and ancillary coverage, as well as innovative employee wellness management solutions. You get a guaranteed savings of $336 per participating FTE and employees get a paycheck boost of 2-5%, on average.


Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage compensation, deductions, tax filing, and more in one convenient place. Our solutions are cloud based so you can securely access the needed information anytime, anywhere. With H2H Enrollments’ payroll solutions, your business can save thousands of dollars each year by using paperless payroll, streamline your filing process, and empower employees with convenient access to their pay stubs and more.

Human resources

Our hire-to-retire solutions give you unparalleled insight into your workforce. You’re able to track elements of professional development, such as training, education, awards, and certifications. This also provides valuable information to aid in your promotion and retention decisions as well as gauge the ROI of your programs. You can also manage your employee’s time off by easily tracking the accrual and usage of PTO, vacation days, sick leave and more. As your partner in administration, we make it simple to recruit, onboard, discipline and reward your employees.

Employee engagement

When you make sure your employees are engaged, you strengthen your relationship with them, motivate them for increased productivity, and increase your bottom line. Our employee engagement solutions help you effectively communicate with your team for an operating income increase of up to 19%, and educate and empower your employees to help them confidently make decisions. We also offer a dedicated support team of account managers to handle implementation and enrollment as well as provide year-round support.


Let us handle the burden of dealing with new laws and regulations. Our one-source ASO platform makes the FMLA process simple and allows you to easily monitor hours worked in order to maintain ACA compliance. Additionally, our team of experts delivers yearly reports and manages accountability for ERISA.

Commercial insurance

Make sure you’re covered based on your specific needs. We offer business policies that protect your employees, personal policies such as auto, home, and life insurance, and specialty insurance for unique needs.

H2H Enrollments is here to help. To learn more about our services, including payroll, benefits, proactive health management plans, and benefit bundles, visit