Perks of Professional Benefits Enrollment Services
November 25, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Benefits enrollment services are highly beneficial to companies of all sizes.

One of the keys to running a successful business is having a happy and motivated workforce, and offering competitive benefits is a helpful way to accomplish that goal. However, between multiple deadlines, numerous different options, and complex compliance requirements, ensuring your staff receives the best benefits package possible can overwhelm many HR departments.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution available to take care of your employees without overburdening the human resources staff. H2H Enrollments offers professional benefits enrollment services that make the process stress-free and much easier to navigate. It also provides various other benefits to your company.

How Professional Benefits Enrollment Services Can Help Your Business

1. Avoid Costly Fines

Industry standards regarding employee benefits continually change, making it difficult for companies to ensure they do what’s necessary to remain compliant with the evolving rules and regulations. Our staff strives to stay current on the latest changes, so we have the knowledge and expertise needed to prevent expensive fines for compliance violations. We also help companies navigate the complex HIPPA regulations and have the technology to protect sensitive healthcare information.

2. Free Up Time

Without benefits enrollment services, your HR team’s time is consumed by that process at least once a year. That means they can’t focus on other essential tasks. When you outsource the duties, though, it reduces their workload and gives them the ability to tend to other responsibilities. That way, you know your staff is taken care of, and the company has a satisfactory employee experience.

3. Provide More Transparency

Your staff wants to know they are enrolling in the right benefits package for their unique needs, but that’s not always easy. There will inevitably be questions and concerns that arise, and your HR department might not have the ability to address every one of them. When you partner with H2H Enrollments for our benefits enrollment services, you can have the peace of mind knowing our dedicated team is available to answer any questions and help each employee find the perfect solution.

4. Reduce Overall Costs

A professional benefits company often has multiple clients and represents a vast number of employees. That gives us more control in the negotiation process than you would have if you handled everything yourself. We can leverage our buying power to get your company better discounts and improved coverage options. We also have the resources to shop more vendors and ensure we’re providing the best solution possible.

5. Ensure Reporting is Accurate

When the Affordable Care Act was implemented, the IRS added sections 6055 and 6056 to their existing code. These new sections require strict reporting for companies offering healthcare benefits to their employees. Our team has the expertise needed to keep accurate records throughout the year and ensure no mistakes are made in the reporting while minimizing your in-house HR department's workload.

Let H2H Enrollments help your company with our benefits enrollment services.

Our carefully curated team of industry experts in Phoenix, AZ, specializes in facilitating the benefits enrollment process for companies of any size. As a one-stop shop provider, we help with everything from compliance issues to employee engagement during enrollment, brokering benefits packages, and answering any questions you and your staff may have.

We’ll tailor our solution to fit your company’s unique needs to ensure you receive the best option possible. Get started today by visiting us online to learn more about our comprehensive offerings.