3 ways to make the onboarding process easier for employees
September 4, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Two people using a laptop together.

Bringing a new employee onto your team is an exciting and potentially nerve-wracking moment for both of you. The actual process of onboarding them, though, can be difficult to execute in a way that effectively prepares them for their role within your company. The results of failing to do this properly can range from having the employee perform more poorly than they otherwise would’ve, or at worst, decide not to move forward with the company altogether.

Having an expert HR consultant on your side through this process can help save you from many of these kinds of hiring headaches. The team at H2H Enrollments has already done just that many businesses and helped create a number of new hire success stories with each of them. We’ve also written previously on our blog about other important steps in the recruiting process.

In this post, we’ll go through 3 changes you can make to your onboarding process to make it easier for your new employee to integrate themselves into your company and start performing at a high level faster.

Introduce automation where you can

Automating parts of your onboarding process like filling out forms, watching training videos and familiarization with company policies can go a long way toward making the overall experience a lot easier on your new employee. It’s ideal if this automation is getting these steps done ahead of the employee’s first day of work. This removes some dry, distracting tasks that might drag down their first experience with your company’s work environment.

Automated forms also waste far less time when human error is taken into account. Your new employee, for example, might input incorrect information by mistake on one form or lose it. HR may then have to manually correct the information they have, check the other forms to make sure no other corrections are necessary, or at worst, the employee may simply have to do this part of the process over again. Automation allows for corrections to be made more easily and reduces the tedium of going through individual forms.

Engage with them until their start date

It’s an all-to-frequent occurrence that new employees complete the hiring process and are left relatively in the dark until their very first day of work. Similar issues come into play here as in the previous example. If a new employee isn’t engaged with ahead of the time they’re supposed to be starting in their role at your company, they’ll end up spending more of that first day confused and simply trying to get their bearings than they otherwise might’ve. An employee who comes in on their first day feeling welcomed and prepared will be ready to perform outstanding work for you more quickly.

Some simple ways you can effectively engage with your new employee ahead of their start date are providing them with all user access information they’ll need for company software, their email, and other essential tools or parts of your facility. It’s also worthwhile to actually show them around their workplace, helping them their physical bearings before the time at which they’ll actually need them.

Encourage socialization with your team

Another step to improve the onboarding process that goes hand-in-hand with a tour of your company’s facility is introducing your new hire to other team members. Meeting new coworkers ahead of their first day of work gets introductions out of the way early, freeing up your new employee’s attention for more work-related tasks later on. It can also improve how they’ll perform on that first day, as they may feel more like a valued part of the team from the start and put more effort into contributing to that team’s overall work.

Are you ready to make your onboarding process easier than ever?

The experts at H2H enrollment are standing by to help you ease your new hires into their roles and guide them toward a more productive first day on the job. Learn more about our HR solutions here or reach out to set up an initial consultation.